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I believe having a disability can be annoying sometimes. The only reason why I say a disability can be annoying is because people want to set there and make fun of people. The Most common form is name-calling like Stupid or retarded. After a while people who are criticized by other students become annoyed. It gets frustrating having to do your work when there is no one there to help you. You feel like you want to tear the work up into little pieces. Some students a disability also feel like hurting themselves by cutting, pulling hair or beating themselves up mentally. It is really hard having a disability because there are people out in the real world who treat you differently and it really does hurt. It does not help that other kids or people could end up helping student with disability not criticizing them. I believe it is annoying to have a disability because I am the one that has a learning disability. And I have been called stupid and retarded and all the other names that can hurt your feelings. I did have friends before I told them that I had a disability. But once I told them about it, they did not want to be my friends because they did not want to be seen with me. They did not want others to say that you are friends with a retard. So then they would turn and tell me to my face that they do not want to be my friend. I felt like I had no friends. It hurt inside because I thought I had a friend until they found out I was in Special Ed. I think that others are in Special Ed should not have to deal with that.

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  1. As a teacher of student’s with special needs, I feel your “I believe is” is not only heart-warming, but important for other student’s to realize that some words do hurt the feelings of others. Thank you for speaking your feelings and excellent job!!

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