Won’t Stop You



I believe that having a disability does not stop you from accomplishing things you want to do. I always wanted to be a chef. Then I thought, wait I can do this. I can became a chef with my disability. I now attend the Capital Area Career Center in the after noon in the hospitality program to succeed and became a chef. I mean you should not let a disability get in your way of accomplishing great things. Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t be an astronaut if you want to.  Sure I know it takes a toll and is difficult, but if you work at it and you try, you will eventually accomplish the goal you are working at. I speak from experience. I was in 3rd grade and I really wanted to try to write in cursive handwriting. I tired so hard to accomplish that and I eventually did.  I was so pround of myself. You see people with a dsbilality can go out there and get the same job as any other person out there. You should not let this disability be a red light in your life. All thoughout your life you will come across obstacles and having a disability may make those obstacles a little trickier but eventually you will overcome them I always say that if you want to do something try and try again until you eventually reach your goal. People may say that because I have a disability I can’t be a doctor, I will try my best and one-day I hope to accomplice these goals. People set goal all the time. Maybe the goal is eating breakfast and I believe if you work hard at it you will eventually accomplish those goals. I also believe that people with a disability can accomplish anything that heads their way no matter how long it takes then.

4 thoughts on “Won’t Stop You

  1. It is so important for everybody (not just people with disabilities) realize that they can accomplish their goals. It will not always be easy but it will be so worth it if you keep working hard. I can’t wait to eat at your restaurant some day!

  2. K-Lynn,

    Nice job on your podcast. I think it’s great that you are so driven and determined to do what makes you happy. Hope you are doing great! 🙂


  3. I agree with Mrs.Sandel… It is important for everyone to try to accomplish their goals.. But this essay was super good

  4. I have a physical disability that prevented me from taking driver’s ed. I was told that I would never be able to drive, but I didn’t listen. I worked with my mom in abandoned parking lots to get better. I practiced for two years. Then I gave up. I decided they were right, that I could never drive. I listened to this podcast today, and found a new inspiration. You. I want to thank you for giving me the courage and confidence to try again.

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