People are Smart, Just in Different Ways


Why do people judge people and make fun of each other?  I believe that people are not dumb just because of their disability and you shouldn’t care what people say about you because there’re just words and they can’t hurt you. Even with a disability you can do what ever you want because you are smart. So because you have a disability you can do what other people can do if you try. If people make fun of you so what? They’re just words and people must not be grown up if they’re making fun of you.  So, if you are picking on someone because of his or her disability that is wrong because you could hurt that person mentally. So please stop picking on the kids with disabilities because they get hurt really easily when they get picked on. 

How would you like it if you had a disability and kid where picking on you. How do you think you would feel? Don’t say that kids are dumb just because they are in special education. Our classes are the same just at a slower pace to help us to learn. So what if you can do it faster than us?   We are still smart so don’t call people in Special Ed dumb or stupid just because were in different classes. We are still learning. It is mean to pick on people with problems. For example, in English we have read the same book, like How to Kill A Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men. We wrote the same papers as you did, it just took us longer to do it.

5 thoughts on “People are Smart, Just in Different Ways

  1. Amazing! I think that every student in our school should hear your words and the wisdom that they carry!

  2. I loved this writing. The intensity of the writers feelings really jump through the paper. The part about words not hurting you, as the writer illustrates words hurt very much and the “sting” of those words last longer than if someone were to hit you with a stick or stone.

  3. I love the title – it says it all! I completely agree with you. Every student at MHS should have to read this.

  4. Brandon,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I love your podcast. It is great to see that you have figured out that everyone can be smart, but people are smart in so many different ways. It is so cool that your class got the opportunity to make podcasts. I really think that your podcast can help others. It impacted me! 🙂 Hope to see you soon. I am going to try to visit Ms. Sherman’s class next week!


  5. Brandon,
    I enjoyed listening to your podcast. I can only imagine how hard it must be to have a disability and try to convince other students that you’re not dumb. It must be tough. But I admire your attitude. Keep up the good work!

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